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Fender Mustang 1966 Refurbish

Job-to refurbish a 1966 Fender Mustang. When I refurbish a vintage instrument, I do my best to keep all the original 
parts. This will maintain it's vintage value. As you can see, I have done that except for the new wires from the pots 
to the switches. This one was rough because of the rusty bridge, screws and springs. As I disassembled the bridge I 
noticed the saddles were not that rusty underneath. I used my Dremel to clean all rust on the saddles and springs 
and screws. As you can see, they turned out nice and shiney. Tuning gears of this vintage can be quite expensive and 
the customer wanted the guitar as a player so I put some new Fender locking gears per his request. After a set up 
and new strings-very playable and very cool.  Click on photos.

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