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Cathy Mullaert Custom CBG 4

Phase 4-1Phase 4 of the CBG for Cathy Mullaert-Episode IV "Dem Horns Gotta Go". One day the neck slipped off the hook behind me and the horn on the Treble side put a nice gash in my wrist (ouch), it was a bloody mess! Then about a month later with a couple of test strings on I tried some slide all the way down to the nut and the "horn" on the Bass side bit me and with emphasis(a couple of bad words) I said out loud "Dem Horns Gotta Go". So I drew the shape I wanted and proceeded to remove the said "horns". After about an hour with a rasp file and Dremel I got the shape I liked. And of course some sandpaper and steel wool was involved. Now The headstock is now safe and even "Elegant" I think. Next I had to work on the neck joint which had sharp edges and was kinda clunky. I cut off the one corner and smoothed out everything else making it very comfortable to slide all the way up to the "box". Again, I was pleased with the results and was on a roll! I really didn't want to spray the neck with clear Polyurethane-I hate that stuff. I wanted more of an "organic" way to protect the neck and to bring out a certain "glow" to the beautiful grain of the Oak and Walnut. I found this stuff at oil and Beeswax. After fine sanding and #0000 steel wool, I applied several coats with a clean cloth and hand buffed each coat and I was truely amazed with the results-I've never felt a smoother neck with no "stickiness", and it is beautiful-I think. Stay tuned for the next phase of "Building the Cathy Mullaert electric Cigar Box Guitar".....

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