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Strat-Reloading Pickguard

1Rick wanted to load his Strat  with low output humbucking DiMarzio pick ups so it would still sound like a Strat without the hum. With all the proper parts at hand-the fun begins. The pick ups fit just right. So I soldered up the pots, caps and switch nice and neat. With 3 pick ups there is a lot of wire so I trimed the wires to proper length so there wouldn't be a total birds nest under there, again nice and neat. I had a problem with the bridge pick up-it was too deep with all the pick up wires underneath it and all. With my Dremel, I routed about 1/8" of the bridge pick up cavity and it fit perfect with no upward buldge of the pick guard. After setting up the guitar and stringing it up we sat down and played. Rick got the sound he wanted-a sweet Strat sound without the brashness of single coils and without the muddy sound of humbuckers and, of course, no hum. Rick's happy, I'm happy and the world.....who knows.   Not for Sale