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Pfritzschner Violin Outfit 3/4 Size

Pfz 1This excellent Pfritzschner 3/4 size violin from 1965 is the perfect match for the early to mid teen student violin player. It has a few dings and donks but it is in perfect playing condition. This 1965 Pfritzschner is hand made from the best violin tone woods-hand carved back and sides of German flame maple, hand carved hard maple neck and a hand carved German spruce top. All other components are of the best quality African ebony-that is the fingerboard, tuning pegs, tailpiece, nut and saddle, plus, the Purflings are inlaid ebony. The violin is set up with new Super-Sensative strings and is ready to play. The fine tuners make it easy for a student to stay in tune. The instrument has an aged tone and patina and sounds beautiful. Your daughter or son would be proud to play this 1965 Pfritzschner 3/4 size violin in the orchestra.

PRICE: $149.00  Includes Hard Shell Case and Bow