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Excalibur Stomp Board-Electric

Ex 1Now here's a great idea-a board you can stomp on while you play guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle or any musical instrument. You probably tap your foot anyhow so why not keep the beat too? Just use a guitar cable and plug into an amplifier (Bass amp works best) or the PA system and you have a great rythym section, right at your feet. With the bass all the way up and the treble down you can get a nice, smooth bass drum or even a bass guitar sound. Or you can use different EQ to get the sound you need or plug into a "Pre-Amp" to boost your signal and shape your EQ. Also you can plug into any guitar or bass stomp box to process your sound.  I especially like using a Delay pedal for amazing results. You can even use a looper or 2 to tap out a couple of measures and play along without having to stomp through an entire song. Use your imagination-the sky is the limit. These stomp boards are great for solo performers who need a little accompaniment to fill their overall effect. A duo playing with a stomp board sounds like an entire band. A couple of stompboards and loopers can dramatically increase the total output of a single or multiple players. My original idea was to make these stomp boards for Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) players. With that theme in mind, I use cigar box lids for the stomp pad so each stomp board is unique. Also, the tops and bottoms of the "Board" have an anti skid rubber matt for stability so they won't slide while you are stomping. The standard size of the board is 1'X1' and 3/4" thick, but I can build you one in any size you need. As you can see in the photos-these stomp boards are built like Mack Trucks and are durable and should last for many, many years to come.  The sound of the stompboard can be hard or soft depending on your shoes (bare-foot is nice too) and amplification. Drum sticks, mallets or even a tamborine sound true and clear through the board-so, again, the possibilities are endless. Come in the store and try the new Excalibur Stomp-Board, you will be surprised at it's usability. Or I can make one just for you.

PRICE: $34.95