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Padron Cigar Box Guitar w/ DVD

CBG 1In this day and age, everybody is looking for something a little different to do in their spare time. Take, for instance, this cigar box guitar. yes it is a guitar but in a very different way. First off, it is played with a slide and it has the coolest sound. You can plug it to any type of amplifier and create a total retro, old time blues or a modern sound with different effects. The 3 strings are tuned to D A D which gives you the 1st and 5th of the D chord. This means that it is tough to hit a wrong note. It's easier than you think. The included DVD is a very thorough and detailed instructional system that teaches the blues on a 3 string slide guitar. Keni Lee is a very good player and teacher and he will guide you every step of the way. It will be challenging at first but eventually you and your friends will be blown away what can be done with 3 strings.  And at this price......

PRICE: $79.00 Includes Instructional DVD by Keni Lee  SOLD