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First Lessons: Clawhammer Banjo

1st-ClawhammerFirst Lessons Clawhammer Banjo is an ideal book for beginners and banjo players interested in learning the clawhammer style. This style of banjo playing dates back to the 1800’s where the player strikes the strings with the back of the fingernails of the right hand and plucks the bass strings or the drone string(5th) with the thumb in a melody-chord fashion. This clawhammer banjo style has evolved over the past 175 years, making it one of the most popular styles in country and folk banjo music. This clawhammer banjo style is easier to sing along with your playing. Just go to youtube and plug in “clawhammer banjo” and see for yourself. The book explains the basics of reading TAB, right hand clawhammer technique, and other elements unique to clawhammer banjo. Included are classic songs such as Little Brown Jug, Cripple Creek, Old Joe Clark, Policeman, and much more. The book comes with accompanying CD to help you along with the exercises and songs. This clawhammer banjo book by Dan Levenson is the best I’ve tried.
PRICE: $9.99 Includes Book and CD