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Hohner Blues Harp

You can’t resist that dirty, bluesy harp sound! There’s a raw power and a certain grit that drives that tone. And if you’re serious about it, only a Hohner will do. Here, you get a fantastic Blues Harp. The sort of harp the real players choose, and you know what we mean by that. This Blues Harp is built to last a long time. It offers up full and consistent tone, and bending notes up or down a half step comes easy with the Blues Harp. Also, the wooden body(comb) adds a warmth not found in plastic bodied harmonicas. Don’t settle for less than a quality Hohner harmonica, still hand made in Germany. Get the sort of harp your playing skills won’t outgrow: the Hohner Blues Harp. Comes in several different keys.
Reeds: 20-Reedplates: Brass-Comb: Wood

PRICE: $34.99 Includes Hard Plastic Case
Hohner Blues Harp