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Supro Comet Lap Steel w/Tweed Case

Su 1You know, I had to put this item under "Electric Guitars" because, actually, the original lap steels date back to the early thirties and were in fact the very first solid body electric guitars. This specimen here is in unbelievably "Mint" condition, especially for being approximately 66 years old. I have replaced the tuner buttons (buttons only) as the originals were made of that celloid material that crumbles with age. The tuning gears are original…

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Rickenbacher Lap Steel(S/NS) w/Case

R 1This "New Style" Electro Rickenbacher steel is from about 1947. Officially, the name of this model is S/NS which stands for "Steel/New Style. I think we could call it "in mint condition" because I think it is in mint condition. Everything works so well and the guitar sounds beautiful, especially through a nice tube amp.  You know the lap steel guitars were the first electric guitars. This guitar is so much fun to play. Any…

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Dillion Les Paul with Hard Shell Case

D 1A very nice Les Paul copy for a great price, this Dillion guitar. The look is right where it should be with a beautiful cherry burst flame maple top. The tun-o-matic adjustable bridge and stop tailpiece are correct spec. Four controls for volume and tone for each pickup along with a 3 way selector switch are the classic set up for old Gibsons. The glued in-set neck adds to sustain and tone with access to…

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Epiphone 335 Dot with Hardshell Case

Dot 1The classic "Semi-Hollow" electric guitar created by Gibson in the late 50's was a brilliant design then and now. A thin hollow body with a thick maple block running down the center creates a solid body electric sound with an added warmth of a hollow body and no feedback! The versatility of this design is a reality to the guitarist who plays many styles of music. It can handle rock, blues, country, jazz and anything…

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