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Rickenbacher Lap Steel(S/NS) w/Case

R 1This "New Style" Electro Rickenbacher steel is from about 1947. Officially, the name of this model is S/NS which stands for "Steel/New Style. I think we could call it "in mint condition" because I think it is in mint condition. Everything works so well and the guitar sounds beautiful, especially through a nice tube amp.  You know the lap steel guitars were the first electric guitars. This guitar is so much fun to play. Any…

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Gretsch Country Club 6192 w/Case

G001Another exciting guitar for sale-A 1965 Gretsch Country Club model 6192. This model started in 1951 and is still on the list making it the longest existing model in the Gretsch electric guitar line-up. This Gretsch is 17" wide and 2 3/4" thick and is a full hollow body giving it that really big Gretsch sound. This is their largest electric model. With it's Grover tuning gears, Zero Fret, dual Filtertron pickups, Space Control bridge…

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Harmony H-19 Silhouette 1965

H 19 01In 1965 Harmony was king of the "Cheapo" electric guitars but cheap potentiometers, switches and AlNiCo magnets had not yet been invented. All woods are solid Maple and not plywood yet. But quality control was not very good at the factory. If some of these guitars had a straight neck and good angle low to the body it played and sounded rather good. This '65 Silhouette has a thick straight neck and a nice low…

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