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Epiphone 335 Dot with Hardshell Case

Dot 1The classic "Semi-Hollow" electric guitar created by Gibson in the late 50's was a brilliant design then and now. A thin hollow body with a thick maple block running down the center creates a solid body electric sound with an added warmth of a hollow body and no feedback! The versatility of this design is a reality to the guitarist who plays many styles of music. It can handle rock, blues, country, jazz and anything else you can think of. This guitar, in particular, is from the early to mid 90's and has that "old wood" sound. The neck is a slim taper and is "perfect" with no fret wear. The hardware is clean with no corrosion and the wide tune-o-matic bridge leaves plenty of room for proper intonation adjustment. The low action and straight neck makes this guitar a pleasure to play. The pickups are medium hot and will drive a tube amp into overdrive at higher volume but will clean up with a turn of the volume knob. This Epi is in excellent condition with only a few light pick scratches on the pickgaurd. The back of the guitar has a real nice figured maple effect to add to it's beauty. Set up with a new set of XL 10's.

Price: $349.00  Includes the Original Hardshell Case (in excellent condition)  SOLD