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Rickenbacher Lap Steel(S/NS) w/Case

R 1This "New Style" Electro Rickenbacher steel is from about 1947. Officially, the name of this model is S/NS which stands for "Steel/New Style. I think we could call it "in mint condition" because I think it is in mint condition. Everything works so well and the guitar sounds beautiful, especially through a nice tube amp.  You know the lap steel guitars were the first electric guitars. This guitar is so much fun to play. Any open tuning with a tone bar (included) will take you into slide oblivion, if you think you can handle it. Most guitar players are afraid of these beasts from the past but once you try you will realize that there is a whole new world of guitar out there. The "Horse Shoe" pick up is an original design from the 1930's and produces a big, fat clear sound. The pick up is powerful enough to drive a tube amp into a nice overdrive for blues and rock. These guitars are way more versatile than you would think. If you don't believe me, stop in and see for yourself.
PRICE: $799.00  Includes Original Hard Shell Case SOLD