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Supro Comet Lap Steel w/Tweed Case

Su 1You know, I had to put this item under "Electric Guitars" because, actually, the original lap steels date back to the early thirties and were in fact the very first solid body electric guitars. This specimen here is in unbelievably "Mint" condition, especially for being approximately 66 years old. I have replaced the tuner buttons (buttons only) as the originals were made of that celloid material that crumbles with age. The tuning gears are original very early Kluson with no name or patent #. Everything works as it should on this guitar. The pickup is very strong and produces a clear tone that works well for a clean or overdriven tones. If you you like slide these laps are the ultimate and very inspirational. The original tweed case is in excellent condition for it's age. If you want to have some fun stop in and I'll lend you my "Steven's" and we'll sit down and play.

PRICE: $399.00  Includes Tweed Hard Shell Case SOLD