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Harmony H-19 Silhouette 1965

H 19 01In 1965 Harmony was king of the "Cheapo" electric guitars but cheap potentiometers, switches and AlNiCo magnets had not yet been invented. All woods are solid Maple and not plywood yet. But quality control was not very good at the factory. If some of these guitars had a straight neck and good angle low to the body it played and sounded rather good. This '65 Silhouette has a thick straight neck and a nice low profile angle to the body and plays very good with a new set of D'Addario XL 10's tuned standard. The DeArmond "Gold Foil" pickups have matured in their 53 years to produce a thick midrange, a tight low end and nice smooth highs.  Plugged into a good tube amp-this guitar just sounds great(yeah, I said it). Clean or Dirty, there's no mushy or spongy sound just clear and stiff notes. 
      The pickups are very strong-on my meter: Neck 11.64ohms  Bridge 10.71ohms  Both 5.59ohms-pickups were measured in my shop at 71 degrees Farenheit. 
     This Silhouette H-19 was at the top of the Harmony line and includes the optional Sweeden made Hagstrom Tremolo system and it works well. Tension on bar is adjustable and works as it should. 
     The original 3 way switch was totally non-functional so unfortunately had to replace it. Also, I installed 2 strap buttons. I did not clean or detail this guitar-I just wiped the dust off-I like the original patina(no excuses).
      All said-This H19 Silhouette from Harmony in 1965 is an excellent specimen of 60's guitar Americana......

PRICE: $650.00