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Gibson Les Paul Standard

LPS 1This les Paul is an excellent specimen from 2007. The neck is a very comfortable 1960 style thin taper symmetrical "C" shape with a low profile. With it's low action, this neck plays fast. The fretwork is perfect and every note plays clear. The pick-ups are 1st generation Burstbuckers and are not too hot. In fact, this guitar has that clear, vibrant and chimmey tone made famous by the original late 50's Les Pauls. When…

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Washburn Vampire Graphics Guitar

Wash SK 1This Excellent Metal style electric guitar is in" like new" condition. The Vampire Skull graphics are  especially intricate and professionally done. Washburn guitars have been around since the late 1800's and always have been innovative. These guitars are very rare. This one has had a pickup added. It is a DiMarzio X2N (DP102) which has been made since 1979. This pickup is the hottest pickup DiMarzio makes. A very good choice for that heaviest of…

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BC Rich Warlock Bich Special Edition

DSC 0003BC Rich Guitars started back in the late 70's as an advancement of the solid body electric guitar. The styling was aggressive for the new age of hard rock music. Today, 38 years later the Bich, Warlock and the Mocking Bird are still among the favorites. This particular model is the Special Edition with German Carved edges and ivory bindings and a Black Widow headstock. This model is very rare and I have only seen a…

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Supro Comet Lap Steel w/Tweed Case

Su 1You know, I had to put this item under "Electric Guitars" because, actually, the original lap steels date back to the early thirties and were in fact the very first solid body electric guitars. This specimen here is in unbelievably "Mint" condition, especially for being approximately 66 years old. I have replaced the tuner buttons (buttons only) as the originals were made of that celloid material that crumbles with age. The tuning gears are original…

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