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Sears 10XL with Tremolo

S 1It is amazing how these 60's tube amps accomodate today's guitar sound. With a good strong pickup you can drive these low watt tube amps into oblivion and get an amazing amount of overdrive and tube compression. In fact, if you use a good mic in the studio, these amps can sound like any Marshall full stack. Any good quality stomp box can sound really good in the front of this Sears XL 10. The Tremolo effect has Strength and Speed controls that really tune in a great effect for surf or 60's psychedelic rock or even a little "Crimson and Clover". A simple single switch pedal with a 1/4" jack will turn the effect off and on. The speaker is about 7 1/2" and is in perfect condition. The amp has been serviced recently and checks out all good. It is quiet with no "crackles" or hum. Don't forget the old trick with 2 prong plugs-if it hums, unplug and turn the plug around. This Sears XL 10 amp is ready for home or studio. Come and get it.
PRICE: $175.00 SOLD