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Harmony H 400A Tube Amp Mid-60's

H400 1The 1960’s was a time for high quality USA, hand built, over-specs components and relatively cheap prices. This Harmony H 400A tube guitar amplifier is the perfect example. The tone is very clear but the amp can be overdriven with some medium hot pickups, like a Tele or a Strat. I have a ’65 Harmony Bob Kat with some strong single coil DeArmond gold foil pickups that drive this amp crazy, humbuckers will do the same. This amp pedals up very well making it an excellent tool in the studio. The amp is very quiet and produces a tight bottom end, not flubby. The amp has been serviced recently and has a clean bill of health. This is an all original vintage tube amp, including the Jensen Alnico 6″ speaker. Stop in and play this amp-you will like it.

PRICE: $150.00 SOLD