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Harmony H 400A Tube Amp Mid-60's

H400 1The 1960’s was a time for high quality USA, hand built, over-specs components and relatively cheap prices. This Harmony H 400A tube guitar amplifier is the perfect example. The tone is very clear but the amp can be overdriven with some medium hot pickups, like a Tele or a Strat. I have a ’65 Harmony Bob Kat with some strong single coil DeArmond gold foil pickups that drive this amp crazy, humbuckers will do the…

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Fender Dual Showman Reverb Tube Head

Sh 01The first Dual Showman Reverb heads  were introduced in 1968. They are simply a Twin Reverb in head form. This specimen here is from the mid 70's and has the components mounted on a turret board rather than the later printed circuit board. Also, this head is one of the first master volume control with a pull boost that adds a bit of gain when pulled to the out position. All the controls work as…

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Sears 10XL with Tremolo

S 1It is amazing how these 60's tube amps accomodate today's guitar sound. With a good strong pickup you can drive these low watt tube amps into oblivion and get an amazing amount of overdrive and tube compression. In fact, if you use a good mic in the studio, these amps can sound like any Marshall full stack. Any good quality stomp box can sound really good in the front of this Sears XL 10. The…

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Kustom-Altec Lansing 1X15" Speaker Cabinet

KA 1Made in the USA-1" solid Pine, padded tuck and roll vinyl and an Altec Lansing 15" speaker-great combination. This speaker can take the push and never flub out-Woofer of the Woofers! Huge magnet and sturdy cast aluminum frame-heavy duty without being too heavy. Cabinet is solid and is made from 1' solid pine panels and is insulated with fiberglass sheets. The seal is tight with no rattles. Casters are good but one sticks-cabinet is rather…

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