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The best way to sell your musical stringed instruments and amplifiers is by CONSIGNMENT. This is where someone sells your gear for you for a percentage of the sale. At East McKeesport Guitar we can sell your gear on consignment. We will display your items very prominently in the store. Also, we will take 5 to 10 high definition photos and present them in a slide show format on this website where many interested potential buyers can view. We will write a complete detailed description with specs, like materials, construction, electronics, scale length, maybe some history and , of course, pricing. This high visibility raises the potential for a sale and can get you the best price you can get. Your gear will be displayed in a public venue (East McKeesport Guitar) where people can come in and see and actually play it. This leaves you free of the bother of annoying phone calls or people you do not know coming to your home. We are experts at selling musical stringed instruments and amplifiers. We sell many all year long.

You can drive from store to store to try to sell your instruments, amps, etc. costing you time and gasoline. If a store or pawn shop decides to buy, they are only going to offer you a fraction of what it’s worth. After all, they want to make a profit on your items and usually it’s a big profit. Here at East McKeesport Guitar, we charge 15% of the final sale of consignment items, that will net you double or even triple your best offer from a store or pawnshop.

 We are nice people working in a pleasant, personable and attractive environment making the customer feel comfortable. We are players and technicians who are very knowledgeable of the product we sell so we can answer difficult and technical questions from a potential buyer about your items on consignment. Demonstrations of your instruments or amps really helps a sale and we are very qualified in this area.

Potential buyers looking at the consignment items can be assured these instruments and amps have gone through the same rigorous routine we put our own items through before they go on display for sale. Each instrument is put on the bench and inspected for proper set up, playability and overall condition. Electronics are thoroughly tested and cosmetics are strongly considered. All instruments are cleaned, sanitized and polished. Good strings or new strings are guaranteed. Each instrument is adjusted then played for feel and tone to be evaluated in the description. Full disclosure is our policy.

We are NOT a junk store. We will consider selling your musical stringed instruments or amps as long as they can meet our high standards. We do not sell instruments with twisted necks, bad frets or broken parts. Our basic requirements are that all instruments and amps are already or can be made to be “Stage Ready” with no problems, just like our own instruments and amps. In general, we will sell on consignment the following Stringed instruments: Guitar (acoustic, electric or bass), banjo, mandolin, ukulele, resonator guitar, violin, viola, cello, upright bass and any other instrument with strings. Amplifiers we will sell on consignment are: electric guitar, acoustic/electric guitar and bass guitar.

If you have questions about our consignment program please call after 1:00 p.m. at (412)-646-4198 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For email, it works best if you type in the address on your own email page. Any instrument or amplifier you want to sell through our consignment program must be brought to the store for inspection and consultation. You can really get more money for your stringed instruments and amplifiers if you let us sell them for you. Check out our “Products” page for examples. We do not differentiate between our own items and consigned items because we sell each item as though it was our own.