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East Mckeesport Guitar opened in October 2014. After spending 20 years operating another, much larger music store, I decided to open a smaller store that would be more specific and responsive to the real needs of the local musicians. My first love in the business has always been the repair, set-up, customizing, rebuilding and detailing of all stringed musical instruments. I have spent a lifetime playing many different stringed instruments. Because of this experience, I feel that I have gained a certain perspective as to how these many different instruments should be set up to play well. Also , because of this experience I can recognize a good instrument from a poor one, and price does not always determine this. I love to dabble in  "Used" stringed instruments because I can choose which ones I want to sell in the store. I actually have control over my inventory rather than having to sell a certain item because the corporation mandates it or because "marketing" demands it. To put it simply, this is a "niche" store where we sell mostly used stringed instruments including guitars of all types, banjo, mandolin, violin and it's cousins, resonator and other slide guitars including cigar box and other novelties. We do not sell toys and junk. All of the instruments are functional and are "stage ready". Also , the repair,  set-up and maintanence of these instruments is vital to this store and you as a player. The Guitar, Bass and Ukulele instructors teach almost any style of music for beginners and advanced students. Check the "Lessons" page for details. Eventually I may teach violin/fiddle and banjo, we'll see. In conclusion, we are a fun store with many alternatives. The prices are low and the quality is high. Stop by and let's have a chat.
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